08 May 2007

Ce fel de utilizator de IT esti?

Daca tot completez la teste online mi-am mai facut unul. De data aceasta unul serios, de la Pew Internet, despre ce fel de de utilizator de tehnologie sunt. Deci sutn un conector, adica as face parte din cei 7% adulti ai Statelor Unite (daca as locui in America) care folosesc tehnologia pentru a fi in contact mereu cu prietenii, familia, rudelele sau colegii, care considera ca prin ICT mi se imbunatateste viata si dezvoltarea profesionala, ca aflu mereu lucruri noi si ca ingros randurile femeilor cu educatie superioara pasionate de tehnologie :).

"Who They Are
Connectors, which make up 7% of the population, have a median age of 38, with a majority (54%) in the 30-49 age range. Ethnically, it is mostly white (72%); 16% are Black and 12% are English-speaking Hispanics. The typical Connector has been online for 9 years, which suggests they were a second-wave of late 1990s adopters. Most are women (55%) and they rate above average in educational attainment and income."

Hmm ... americanii astia ...

P.S. Am primit un test de personalitate (multumesc Monica - mai ales pentru Ceaiul de la ora 5!) extrem de placut. Bate toate tiparele pe care le cunosc. Si fiindca aproape totul este etichetat 2.0 am primit si un widget cadou.


  1. Cum titlul postului este o intrebare, ma simt datoare sa raspund :)

    Omnivores make up 8% of the American public.

    Basic Description
    Members of this group use their extensive suite of technology tools to do an enormous range of things online, on the go, and with their cell phones. Omnivores are highly engaged with video online and digital content. Between blogging, maintaining their Web pages, remixing digital content, or posting their creations to their websites, they are creative participants in cyberspace.

    Defining Characteristics
    You might see them watching video on an iPod. They might talk about their video games or their participation in virtual worlds the way their parents talked about their favorite TV episode a generation ago. Much of this chatter will take place via instant messages, texting on a cell phone, or on personal blogs. Omnivores are particularly active in dealing with video content. Most have video or digital cameras, and most have tried watching TV on a non-television device, such as a laptop or a cell phone.

    Omnivores embrace all this connectivity, feeling confident in how they manage information and their many devices. This puts information technology at the center of how they express themselves, do their jobs, and connect to their friends.

    Who They Are
    They are young, ethnically diverse, and mostly male (70%). The median age is 28; just more than half of them are under age 30, versus one in five in the general population. Over half are white (64%) and 11% are black (compared to 12% in the general population). English-speaking Hispanics make up 18% of this group. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many (42% versus the 13% average) of Omnivores are students.

  2. http://dna.imagini.net/friends/
    - tot la capitolul "de pus pe blog" - mi se pare un test dragut... V-il recomand.

  3. Multumesc Monica de pont. Mi-a palcut in mod deosebit fiindca am reusit sa-l fac fara sa ma plcitisesc :)

  4. Cu multa placere - mie mi-a placut fiindca optiunile sunt sub forma de imagini. Am cunoscut prima data site-ul respectiv prin optiunea de a alege un cadou pentru o persoana in functie de imagini! Acum au adaugat si acesta DNA potrivit blogurilor...

    Multumesc pentru aprecierile blogurilor!