14 July 2011

Educating Educators with Social Media - Google Books

Doua carti recente de prof. Charles Wankel,

Din prefata:
"Social media are increasingly popular platforms for collaboration and quick information sharing. This volume is a collection of reports on how these technologies are being used to educate educators with social media in creative and effective ways. The use of wikis, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Yahoo Pipes, Diigo, Second Life, Moodle, and other Web 2.0 technologies are shown in vivid examples and insightful critiques. The use of social media in developing countries for new pproaches to teaching as support for individual and peer-based learning for such endeavours as collaborative screen play writing projects and social annotation are covered. How instructors are increasing the technical expertise that is needed by educators to develop their own 21st century curricula projects is shown in outstanding ways. How instructors take recreational technologies and transform them into pedagogic conduits is examined. Social networking technologies enable the integration of students and alumni in co-curricular activities in exciting and still evolving ways. New teaching orientations premised on social media such as focused distraction are considered. Exercises involving the collaboration of teacher education majors in social bookmarking through co-standardized approaches are provided."

Din prefata:
"New technologies provide new ways of delivering the programs and services of higher educational (HE) institutions. Social media such as Facebook, blogs, Flickr, Twitter, and the Second Life virtual world engage constituents and enhance effectiveness. Understanding the trends in the expanding role of social media in HE and the related implications for staff preparedness and training is necessary for future-oriented administrators and practitioners.

This book examines how social media are redefining what university communities are and the purposes and practices of the various functional areas in HE. It presents an overview of innovative practices in the recruitment, advising, retention, graduation and engagement of students and alumni, and examines social media in connection with enrollment management, advising and mentoring, public relations and alumni relations. Topics covered include: how Facebook helps and hinders students' social integration; connecting fans and sports more intensively through social media; how to prepare staff to use social media in robust ways; using social networking sites during the career management process; and for social research and studying abroad."

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