07 November 2008

Ce am mai scris pe microblog

touching story, "I love you, mum: First words of brain-damaged girl...", http://tinyurl.com/6nokso [+]
An encyclopedia channel, with lots of videos to watch http://www.enc-tv.com/Main.html
An inspirational human being for all of us!, http://tinyurl.com/5na3us [+] I can't imagine the pain of this boy
@nelcor sincer? nu prea inteleg cum functioneaza haikurile asa ca ma limitez la a citi incercarile altora
Wrote about Serious Fun in Education: Using Microblogging, http://tinyurl.com/5ped37 [+]
Recunosc: mi-ar place sa ma ocup de SL dar deocamdata nu-mi permit :(
if you have aprox. an hour watch this video in french, "Pris dans la toile",
From Cave Paintings to the Internet , http://tinyurl.com/5tnsjr [+] - nice timeline
Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution:
Raportul despre Twitter costa aprox. 250 dolari. Oare ce poate sa contina pt a te determina sa cheltui o asa suma?
This is great! Generation We, a book and a video from http://www.gen-we.org/,
Media Literacy and our students
Such a brilliant example to use Google Docs for writing: a letter to the next president,
Eric Greenberg and Karl Weber book about generation we, http://tinyurl.com/43fe3u [+]
yesterday was delicious birthday!, http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/five_great_delicious_hacks_in.php
From Darmano (http://tinyurl.com/6fon6p), a very brief history of micromedia,

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