09 May 2009

Ce mai scris pe microblog (21 aprilie - 8 mai)

Reading The Twitter revolution http://tinyurl.com/c2hj56 [+]
Are You Learning from your tweets? http://tinyurl.com/dh6rs2 [+] good article
Super! Understanding evolution for teachers, http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evosite/evohome.html
Fotonea.com (another collage tool for images),
(almost like Photovisi)

Ma joc cu obiectele multimedia cirip,
Un pic de ajutor: Site-ul http://www.ceamaifericitafatadinlume.ro promoveaza ...?
The World of 100, http://www.toby-ng.com/graphic-design/the-world-of-100/,
Doua instrumente favorite: flickr si microblogul,
La inceputul anului am salvat o resursa de scriere in colaborare, EtherPad. Am revenit asupra ei, http://etherpad.com/ep/about/screencast

Ma joc cu screencastle si vocaroo: Cum sa inserezi un fisier audio,

Ne-am jucat cu EtherPad, un tool grozav de brainstorming online (text+chat), vezi http://etherpad.com/NmwySaZEDn -
Nice, a video about using Moodle,

Viitorul nostru - Social learning?,
Astazi se sarbatoreste in Portugalia Revolutia Garoafelor,

Tomorrow is World Intellectual Property Day, #wipd
The book "How Wikipedia works" is free to read online, http://howwikipediaworks.com/,
Gasit primul radio pt copii (via @daniela_suhanea),: ItsyBitsy.ro,
via TW / @OzMark17 had fun with YouCube, Here is mine (Common craft videos): http://www.universaloscillation.com/youcube/?704 #fun

Recomand cu caldura un blog exceptional de resurse didactice, http://webdidacticanova.blogspot.com/
50 Brilliant ads!, http://www.bobmartien-design.fr/?p=741,
What is a morning without a coffee?

And yes, life is beautiful !
The Obama Way,
After playing with EtherPad with my students now I think I'll try Fliggo, to create a videosite

Din cartea "Ignore everybody"
One of the best article I ever read, http://tinyurl.com/dnx5w9 [+] - introduces the term "mindcasting" , by prof. Jay Rosen, playing with words
From RocketBoom blog, Twitter as a mindcasting tool,

O prelucrare excelenta pt concepte din educ.la http://tinyurl.com/csxsjk

A Sunday 3R site : to Remember, Recommend and to Rule the fun: http://www.imagechef.com/
De cand Scribd nu mai ofera URL catre documentele incarcate fara extensia pdf? Abia zi am remarcat.
Learning Conference,
Literacy with ICT Is for Me,
The amazing voice of Esmee Denters known by the whole world because of YouTube

Nu numai educatorii ar trebui sa cunoasca ce inseamna CC si (c)
Reading The Future of the Social Web: In Five Eras, http://bit.ly/2wHIz,

Using eLearning to Promote Key
Social media landscape,


Beautiful Connections,
Review of learning 2.0 practices,

From MySpace to Hip Hop:
@via ICONET project (Cristina Costa)

The Twitter Approval Matrix,
Acesta este raspunsul meu la intrebarea unei studente revoltate ca invata despre Web 2.0
De ce este lumea atat de avida de Hi5 cand sunt alte retele sociale mai bune?
A handbook to have in our library,
Urmaresc la AnalogTV o emisiune despre integritatea academica in vremuri de criza ; intrebare: care INTEGRITATE? si care CRIZA?
Reading about Personal Research Portal,

Another calameo, issuu: FLUIDBOOK

De maine, in weekend, si la Aquarena, http://www.aquarena.hu/en/
Have a "Gastronomic" Safety 1st of May :),
La Budapesta prin oras savurand picaturile de ploaie neanuntate :(
I'm back - a weekend full of joy, history and spare time in family,

FUn with cell phones,

Need time to read this Eu Youth Report,
Digital storytelling useful both for teachers&students
Transffer. emails http://tinyurl.com/cr3ucr [+]

A book about e-collabortion to find in library and read it,
Un clip interesant de la conferinta Gov 2.0, #politice
Pentru desenat - TuxPaint,

Surpriza placuta sa gasesc citat articolul despre delicious,
Domnul are afisata o programa analitica copiata de la subsemnata integral!
Sa pun oare copyright pe programa analitica? Este a treia oara cand materiale cuvant cu cuvant sunt preluate integral fara a se cita sursa!
via T/@lmalita Is Twitter making us stupider?
Awesome videoclip about Japan and how to use almost 3000 photos in less than 8 min., #photos #dstelling
Sunetul culorilor in alb si negru, #animation

Gary, #animation
Imi place Vimeo - gasesc clipuri de calitate: De ce ne place creta, #animation
Ma joc cu PimPamPum ca unealta flickr pt dgital storytelling, http://www.pimpampum.net/phrasr/?id=18128 #photos
An awesome Prezentation on Web 2.0 in Prezi!, http://prezi.com/54895/

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